I wanted to show work colleagues what waves looked like…

We’re going to change how you capture surfing.

Starting out

Frustrated with how to communicate a surf to non-surfers, founder Billy Curry had the idea to create a surfing camera that allowed you to surf yet easily be able to capture a surfer’s point of view.

It was in a Melbourne office, morning teatime 2012 when he thought of the idea. The dreamy idea sat in a sketchbook for one year with some different and wild sketches. Then leaving the project alone for a few years, he returned to the concept while living in Lennox Head.

He restarted the project using cardboard-cut models. Then I moved on to using extremely hot physiotherapy splints he created a mould and a streamlined “shell” of the camera. This shell was secretly tested, and it worked. Excitement happened! The next step was to create an extremely compact camera.

The search for solid electronics engineers took over one year. Many engineers said they could do it, and then ran away. A small team has worked over the past few years on the design, electronics engineering, and custom-made components.

We believe we have the world’s most streamlined surfing camera.

With a streamlined design, the camera is placed on the head, enabling a surfer to use their hands (and mouth) 😉

The result is a streamlined point-of-view (POV) surfing camera.

We love surfing and with this camera, you will be able to film the amazing waves you catch from your point-of-view, and you can share your morning session with friends and family all before morning teatime.

At the moment

I’m working with a great team of talented engineers. We problem solve, problem solve and solve problems. I surf a little. I’ve been excited about this project for a long time. It’s coming. I can’t wait. Our long-term goal is to make the world’s best surfing camera. We’re going to change how you capture surfing.

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